The Best Chromebook: Korean Chromebook Plus/Pro vs ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA

2017 has seen two big consumer-facing Chromebook releases up to now: the Good samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro, and the ASUS Chromebook Switch C302CA. Both are a part of the “third phase” of Chromebook design I explained during my Chromebook In addition to review, which means both are evidently designed with Google android apps in mind.

I’ve used both of these devices for the past couple of weeks, and in time, I’ve arrive to form opinions about both, and see the strongest and weakest points of each. Therefore , let’s have a closer take a look at how the The samsung company Chromebook Plus/Pro and ASUS C302CA compare…

Looking at a Chromebook in 2017 is actually a different process than doing so just a calendar year ago. Today, Chromebooks can easily double or if you Android tablet, and that’s especially true with these machines. Currently, the Samsung Chromebook Plus is a only one to pack the Play Retailer out of the pack, but it is coming to the ASUS in just a matter of weeks, and it currently offers access with the beta port.

hugecompare On either machine, Google android apps function great. There are a clear search engine optimization difference within the ARM-based chipset, for totally obvious reasons, however the overall knowledge is stable.

However , the largest thing to consider with by using a convertible notebook computer as a gadget is the actual size. Samsung korea and ASUS both make use of similarly bigger displays upon these machines, with a doze. 3-inch plank on the The samsung company, and a 12. 5-inch on the ASUS. The display quality on both equally machines can be solid, good results . a higher quality and nicer panel inside the Samsung, is considered the clear winner.

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The two provide the same basic amount of screen real estate, although Samsung’s works more effectively as a tablet due to the 3 or more: 2 feature ratio. This will make it a little better to reach around the screen, particularly if you’re using it in portrait mode. Like a Chromebook, while, the ASUS C302CA is definitely the better decision since the added width produces a far more secure keyboard.


While $500~ isn’t all that much to spend on the laptop, it is very in the higher tiers for the Chromebook. Mainly because these are expected to become premium machines, both are made from premium materials, or at least, they look like they can be.

The Chromebook Plus and Pro are made from a magnesium combination which seems as if metal, yet is less heavy. That’s great, but it also removes from the high quality feeling this machine needs to have. The ASUS, on the other hand, offers you a slightly better build. The sharper corners are a good touch, and the overall build feels a little more premium in contrast.


Which will machines can also be designed with ease of mobility in mind. By under 13-inches, they both hit what I consider the sweet location between screen-size and general size. Yet , as with just about all smaller notebooks, that comes with a lot of compromises to crucial areas of the machine, such as, the keyboard.

For the ASUS Chromebook Flip C302CA, the keyboard seems natural, with a decent amount of travel and good spacing between the take a moment. It doesn’t have very good tactile responses, but which might be viewed as a perk so that you can use the equipment in a noiseless environment.

The Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro, however, features a key pad which feels, off, mysteriously. It’s a tiny hard to explain, but essentially what’s going on here is that each key is somewhat thinner than it is on most laptops. It’s not a deal breaker, but it needs a while to get used to.

A further key difference between the two keyboards is usually backlighting. The samsung company, for whatever reason, is not packed with backlighting on the Chromebook Plus/Pro at all. The ASUS C302CA, on the other hand, presents up backlighting rivaled simply by some of the best laptops available today.

Performance and Specs

Effectiveness is the one area where both of these Chromebooks turn into three. The Samsung Chromebook Plus works on top of the OP-1 ARM-based chipset, as the Samsung Chromebook Pro and ASUS C302CA run on best of an Intel Core m3 chipset. The latter two happen to be considerably more strong by comparison, while the Chromebook In addition to holds its and offers a little better battery life.

Really, this comes down to power user against casual. Should you be using Android os apps first and only operating a handful of Chrome tabs, the Chromebook In addition to is the better choice, specifically considering Android apps will run a bit better on an ARM-based chipset.

On the other hand, the ASUS C302CA and Chromebook Pro supply a better knowledge when it comes to outright performance. Intel’s m3 gives up greater performance within load, interpretation you can clear quite a few additional Chrome tabs without the machine bogging down.

Then there is the pricing. Between $450 and $550, all of these equipment are inside the higher rate as far as Chromebooks are concerned. That said, they’re all good values for what they actually are. The Samsung korea Chromebook Plus offers a good, apps-first knowledge for $449, where the Chromebook Pro can provide a Stainless- OS-first knowledge when it debuts for $549.

The ASUS Flip C302CA, on the other hand, hits the middle surface. It offers more power than the In addition at a lower cost than the Pro, while offering a better Chromebook experience with no compromising in terms of Android applications.

Final Thoughts
By so doing, you’re not going wrong with any of these equipment. Both variations of Samsung’s new Chromebook are excellent, and ASUS’ latest is fantastic as well. Nevertheless , there is something that needs to be stated: the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro was method overhyped. It isn’t really the perfect Chromebook by any means, numerous of us wished it would be. For many of you, the ASUS C302CA is the better choice, like it is designed for me, although that’ll merely come down as to what you value more

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